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Twineham Parish Council Notice of Election

Current Parish Councillors

Twineham has five Parish Councillors who were duly elected following the Parish Council election on 2nd May 2019:

Annie Hirst  - Annie.Hirst@twineham-pc.gov.uk

Fanny Jones - Fanny.Jones@twineham-pc.gov.uk

Caroline Murphy - Caroline.Murphy@twineham-pc.gov.uk

Charles Worsley - Charles.Worsley@twineham-pc.gov.uk

Jane Veaney - Jane.Veaney@twineham-pc.gov.uk

Parish Clerk:

Dawn Langston (07909 332605) clerk@twineham-pc.gov.uk 

The Clerk holds the minute books, the Register of Members’ Interests and other Parish Council information.

Our Mid Sussex District ward councillor is Judy Llewellyn-Burke and our West Sussex County Division Councillor is Joy Dennis