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Twineham Parish Council Planning Policy

The Parish Council fully supports the Parish Plan published in 2006 and will actively seek to preserve the rural character of Twineham and the surrounding parish.

The Parish Council opinion will represent the majority local interest and comments will reflect local knowledge and interest in the local environment.
The Parish Council will seek to ensure that any development, either new or for alterations to existing properties, will blend in and be sympathetic to the surrounding area.

The Parish Council will consider all planning applications based on their individual circumstances and merits. All responses to planning applications will be based on material planning reasons (eg policy documents, design, impact on area, traffic). Non-material considerations (eg moral issues, personal circumstances, property prices) will not form any part of the response to the District Council.

Any proposal for future development will be judged against relevant planning policies and, in particular, be related to creating a sustainable residential and agricultural environment.

The Parish Council will support the installation of renewable energy sources and/or those which minimise carbon emissions or the use of fossil fuels, providing that such systems take full account of their visual impact and the surrounding countryside.

The Parish Council will respond to all planning applications within the time frame stipulated by the District Council. Where planning applications are received outside of the normal meetings cycle, non-contentious applications will be dealt with through consultation with councillors. An additional Council meeting will be called whenever there is a situation of wider public concern.

June 2008